Private psychiatric and addiction treatment institution in Cape Town


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You feel crushed by the pressures of 21st century life; perhaps your life has been engulfed by addiction, or you’ve slipped into the darkness of depression, or you’re experiencing a detachment that prevents you from relating positively to anyone or anything. You’re desperate and out of control.

Kenilworth Clinic can help you get your life back.

Since 1985 Kenilworth Clinic, a private psychiatric and addiction treatment institution in Cape Town, South Africa, has helped troubled men, women and children from throughout the country and the world restore their lives. Our team of psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, psychiatric nurses, addiction counsellors, occupational therapists, social workers, dieticians and other support staff work closely


with associated medical and behavioural health practitioners to provide state of the art treatment solutions.

Open, honest relationships in a safe, warm environment that is respectful and supportive are the foundations on which our services are built. Our patients soon discover that our services are easily and readily available and that our pursuit of quality is relentless. Ours is a culture of learning and we are always looking for and finding better ways to treat those who come to us for guidance and healing.

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